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Big Day of Giving 2018

The power that you have on Big day of Giving is pretty incredible. We think you should be a part of it this year and this is why…

Family Coaching at Hope Village

Every week the mothers of hope village participate in our Family Coaching and Mentoring Classes. Each lesson is designed to help them bridge the gap between surviving to living healthy

Spring Break 2018

Every Spring something quite amazing happens – a desperate family starts a new chapter of their life through the gift of a new home built by teenagers.

Winter Cooking and Baking – Hope Village

Jula and her family of Southern California came to Hope Village during their prized winter break. Jula wanted to teach the ladies of Hope Village some of their family’s favorite recipes.

TOUGH 1000 – March 2018

March 10th is a day that we all anxiously awaited. As the months passed and the days neared we at StudentReach prepared for the unknown, the TOUGH 1000.

Parenting 101 : The Bike

Estella’s oldest daughter Briseda has been acting out lately. Briseda was asked to clean her room. Briseda looked at her mom and said, “no” and walked away. Estella went into…

Homeless Youth: My Story is One of Many

I remember the last time I was homeless with my family. I was 15 or so, and we are sitting in the office of the local family shelter, and they asked the same questions that they always do. They asked about our family history, how did we become homeless, and a bunch of boring questions […]

Summer Updates

Wow. Are you ever trying to tell someone something and you’re not sure where to start? Well, that’s what this little update is all about…