StudentReach Oregon | Helping Victims of War

We launched StudentReach Portland in the summer of 2017 and have had seen great success this year in the lives our our refugee teens.  Through weekly coaching sessions and connecting events, students are finding hope and meaning within the community.  All of our students have a story and come from trauma, loss, brokenness – you name it.  These are the real victims of war-torn countries and it is a privilege to be a part of their journey.  And we have seen incredible growth in such a short time.  In the fall, Amir joined our group and was visibly depressed and appeared uninterested in discussions.  Over the course of three months as we talked about cultural adjustment, his past, and allowed him to grieve and express his feelings of shock of coming to a new country and learning a new culture, he has blossomed.  Before he would come to class with his head down, but now he’s the first to walk in the room, beaming from ear to ear, engaged in discussion and ready to connect.  Life coaching has bridged the gap and offered so much that the school district just isn’t able to provide these students.  We are looking forward to many more stories like Amir’s as we grow here in Portland.

Duffy Hummel

[email protected]

Oregon Refugee Program Coordinator

Duffy is working with refugee students in Portland, Oregon. She is running a weekly life coaching program empowering her students to find their dreams, live healthy and make good decisions towards a bright future.