Parenting 101 : The Bike

Estella’s oldest daughter Briseda has been acting out lately. Briseda was asked to clean her room. Briseda looked at her mom and said, “no” and walked away. Estella went into her room and told her again you must clean your room. Briseda’s response, “No” and kept playing with her dolls.

Estella, a young mother at Hope Village, who for the first time in years is able to focus on her family and not just survival she came to us during one of our coaching classes. Estella shared, that Briseda was disobeying and being defiant. She didn’t know what to do but then said, she wanted to ask us to take Briseda’s bike to our home and would let us know when it was time to bring it back. We didn’t come up with the idea of taking the bike away but we were glad to see Estella was making some discipline decisions to help her daughter. Estella is making some tough parenting decisions as a single mom. We told her that sometimes as parents we have to make tough choices with our children to help with mature. Estella agreed and took the bike away. Tears flowed!
After a while little Briseda’s room was clean and the bike eventually came back.  This was the first time Estella had done any sort of discipline, ever. Briseda is 7 years old.

We work with some great people at Hope Village people who are learning the art of parenting and the skills of raising healthy children. We are excited to see growth in the lives of us and the mothers at Hope Village.

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