Donate Financially – Become a financial partner now!

Become a financial partner now! Whether you give once or join our hundreds of monthly sustaining partners, your gift helps students. StudentReach is very careful with our donors’ donations because we know why you give – because you care. Call us anytime if you have questions.


You can donate your stuff to help us reach more students.

You can use your stuff to make a difference. Vehicles, watercraft, residential or commercial real estate, vacant land, collectibles, intellectual property, artwork or stocks/bonds and mineral rights or just about anything with value can help desperate families and students. We handle the paperwork, deal with your stuff and get you a tax write off for fair market value. Build a legacy. Help us fund StudentReach!

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Donate your car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle – We will pick your car donation up for free, anywhere in the United States if your vehicle is worth more than $500. We’ll do the paperwork and you’ve got yourself a tax write off!

circle Boat-512_whDonate your boat or other watercraft – Don’t need it or want it? We’ll take it.

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Donate real estate of any kind – residential, commercial, bare land and other kinds of real estate, paid off or not. We handle the hassle!

circle guitar-512_whDonate collectibles – We accept all types of collectibles as a donation. Donate a pinball machine, cash register, vinyl records, barware, lighters, figurines, vanity items, anything you collect… you can donate it!