Volunteering Abroad

Taking a trip with StudentReach is way more than just traveling – it’s you being a hero to someone who desperately needs help. We work with people living in absolute poverty. What can you do to help? More than you think. You can be a hero.

Expedition:Baja (San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico)

StudentReach Expedition: Baja is more than a trip –  its a hero’s journey. Whether you’re building a house for a single mom, working at our women and children’s shelter, serving at a youth camp for indigenous youth or facilitating volunteers, you will be changing lives. In one week you will:

  • Travel 500 miles
  • Make and strengthen life-long friendships
  • Spend a lot of time at the beach
  • Eat a lot of tacos

Expedition: Baja will challenge you, stretch you and wear you out – and you will remember that week for the rest of your life.

Baja Projects

  • Building Houses

  • Women and children’s shelter

  • Youth Camps for at-risk teens

2021 Baja Schedule and Availability:

Dates are filling fast up so contact us soon if you’re interested!
Individuals (14 and up), families (any age with parent/guardian) and groups (providing group leaders) are welcome for scheduled dates until full. Groups can schedule custom dates upon inquiry.

Baja March 28-April 3
Baja April 4-10
Baja June 13-19
Baja June 20-26
Baja July 11-17
Baja July 18-24
Baja July 25-31