Big Day of Giving 2018

Are you looking for a better way to give back?

The power that you have on Big day of Giving is pretty incredible. We think you should be a part of it this year and this is why…

Our donors do much more than simply click donate. In one 24-hour giving period, they turn a fork into a life saving tool, they share how a table saw made them realize their full-potential in the world, they turn a hike on a sunny afternoon, into a time of international refuge for children fleeing violence and war. Our donors are more than donors they are – volunteers, supporters and caring members of the StudentReach community.

On May 3rd 2018, we want to raise $10,000 in 24-hours.

With over 1000 at-risk, homeless and refugee youth going through our award winning mentoring programs every year, over 100 families in Mexico thriving in homes built by our volunteers & students and school pupils all over America hearing a message of creating a positive school climate, we are setting a lofty goal so we can do even more next school year.

Will you make a positive change not only for the kids we work with but also for you? Will join the StudentReach community and give?