Thursdays In Baja

Thursdays are always an emotional day in Baja. Around noon we stand around in an oddly shaped circle and pass keys around. The keys belong to the brand-new house that is standing behind a Mexican family that is usually weeping with joy.

Finding Hope at the Village

Erika was referred to us by her pastor. She was struggling to make it on her own. Erika is a single mom with two kids. Her oldest, Eder is 6 years old and Alex is 3 years old.

Buying and Developing Land in Baja

The Baja land took a couple of HUGE steps forward the last couple weeks.

Spring Break 2018

Every Spring something quite amazing happens – a desperate family starts a new chapter of their life through the gift of a new home built by teenagers.

Summer Updates

Wow. Are you ever trying to tell someone something and you’re not sure where to start? Well, that’s what this little update is all about…