TOUGH 1000 – March 2018

March 10th is a day that we all anxiously awaited. As the months passed and the days neared we at StudentReach prepared for the unknown, the TOUGH 1000.

The TOUGH 1000 is a fundraising event what we designed to engage the community of Northern California in helping homeless youth succeed. We had an astounding 98 participants running in a muddy, 1000 yard obstacle course. The most amazing thing about the race was that all the participants were KIDS!

We love giving people ways to serve those in need and for the 98 kids who ran through the mud on Saturday, we did just that. The kids really left it all on the course, and passed the finish line covered in mud and triumph. The kids ages 5 – 18 were amazing and are the real heroes of the day.

With over 13 private and business sponsors we saw the community come together to help homeless youth in Northern California. To help them avoid chronic homelessness, set life-changing goals and find stable housing.

Our plan is to use the money that our generous donors and heroic kid racers raised to reach more homeless youth with our programs of self-sufficiency, job training and life changing experiences. We are partnering with other providers in the area like RiseAbove and Blossom Place to make sure this happens in the most strategic way possible.

Thank you to all who participated and gave. We look forward to the next TOUGH 1000 with great excitement!

Raquel Shipp

[email protected]

Development Director

Raquel is the Development Director for StudentReach. She works to grow programs to reach more kids with StudentReach’s innovative and successful programs.