Winter Cooking and Baking – Hope Village

Jula and her family of Southern California came to Hope Village during their prized winter break. Jula wanted to teach the ladies of Hope Village some of their family’s favorite recipes. She cooked alongside them and made cherry coke pork in the crock pot, a specialty chicken dish, strawberry muffins and strawberry butter. The entire meal was delicious!

While Jula and her family cooked and spent time with the families of hope village the kids enjoyed snacks. It was a great night of family fun. Esmeralda from Casa de Fairfield, has always wanted to learn this type of cooking and baking. She was glued to Jula’s every word as they prepared the food.

One of the ladies was amazed that they made muffins that started with flour. We were told that in Baja they just start with a box mix and go from there.

After the Jula and her family left back home to California, Esmeralda told us that she thinks she wants to start a career that might involve cooking/baking.

We are always looking for ways to help the families of Hope Village find self-sufficiency. One of the ways we do that is by bringing people together. Jula’s family and the Esmeralda’s family were able to share in a moment of learning, family fun and found a new goal along the way.

Karl Hus

Baja Operations Director

Karl and his wife Sherry are the operations directors for our programs and facilities in Baja California. Karl works to help meet the needs of the community and grow StudentReach programs in Mexico.