These Adults Were Acting Like Teenagers So We Taught Them A Lesson – Sept 14, 2015

“Why would students sit in a class after sitting all day in class at school?” – Matt James

Matt attended our A.L.I.V.E. Life Coaching seminar this weekend to get that exact question answered. During Session 1 of the A.L.I.V.E. Seminar we were able to bridge the gap between students and adults as we had the adults sit in our week 1 coaching session. mason teachingWe didn’t change a thing – we spoke to them just the same as our students to help them see exactly what would be experienced and see the level of communication we try to achieve. “We want to be as genuine as possible” said Coach Mason Gizard to his class of adults.

During Session 2, as the attendees moved from participant to coach, it became clear that the curriculum is intended to be much Raquel teaching lifemore of a conversation between the coach and their students then a lecture. “I would rather have a student interrupt me then no one be talking” said Coach Raquel Shipp during training.

The Life Coaching material is intended to keep the facts interesting and the stories applicable. One of the adult leaders blurted out “Oh this is fascinating!” as she was reading through her coaching section in front of the group.

The A.L.I.V.E. seminar was designed to build relationships with administrators, teachers and adult volunteers and hopefully create new Life Coaches. We accomplished this goal through the exact same process we use to build relationships with our students. Stories were shared, there was lots of laughter, and people became vulnerable which together helped build relationships quickly.

This is why students are willing to come sit in a group, in a circle of chairs even after hours in the classroom. We don’t sit in rows staring at the front; we circle up, engage and build relationships in order to speak truth into the lives of students. Matt and many other adults left the A.L.I.V.E. Seminar with the tools they need to succeed as coaches; just as students leave Life Coaching with the tools they need to succeed in their life and future.

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