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CONNECTED LIFE COACHING: More than a trend | 1/13/2017

Life Coaching is more than a trend it is a Life Resolution

When setting a New Year’s resolution we sometimes find that the resolution is much less optional than we would like it to be. It can be something as necessary as getting healthy to see more years or paying off debt so you can enjoy the years ahead. Many of the students we work with are realizing they need to make “the not so optional life resolution” to change.

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VOLUNTEER ABROAD PROGRAM: Karl Hus Tells ALL! | 1/6/2017

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Read Karl’s interview and find out what BIG new project we have in Baja Mexico.

karlRaquel: How are you feeling about the move to Baja? What are you most looking forward to?

Karl: I am kind of excited and a little scared. Which I think is healthy. Since I have been down to Vicente so much, I know some things to expect and some I do not. I am most looking forward to spending time with the people we have already built houses for in the past. People that we have already made a connection with.

Raquel: How many American youth have you lead in volunteering abroad work over your career?

Karl: I believe about 2500 people.

Raquel: How will the StudentReach Baja base help the at-risk youth of America become better citizens?

bajaKarl: It will give them a familiar place to come and do great things all year long. They will have a chance to work along side people and help someone else in need succeed.    

Raquel: Tell me about the Orphanage. What will make it unique from other providers in the area?

Karl: Our model for the “Orphanage will be two fold. 1. A day care center. Where parents will be able to drop off their children each day and pick them up at the end of the day. The children will be able to get food, clothing, education and job training. 2. For those who don’t have parents they will be placed in family that have children already. The parents will be trained and educated on parental communication and parental skills. It will be more of a foster care then a typical orphanage. Keeping the family unit so each child gets the most one to one contact.

Raquel: How do you see the communities and Mexican youth changed in Vicente Guerrero Baja, Mexico from the permanent presence of StudentReach?

baja3Karl: Since we have built 68 homes in the last 9 years we have seen a thriving communities with hope in their eyes. People realize they can actually get ahead in life. They can go to school and get a good job and provided for their families. What we bring besides money, housing and “things” is hope. Hope that they can have a safe, clean and warm house with a lockable door. That someone does care about them. They are not alone in this world. That some people are looking outside of themselves to help others. We see parents have hope that their children will have a better life and future than they had.

Raquel: What types of projects will the American families and Students participate in when they help on the base?

baja2Karl: Primarily is the continuation of building homes for homeless families, however we will be building a summer camp, job training facilities and educational facility. Where people can come and get their education, job skills and enjoy life! American’s will be able to help in the building process, spending time with the orphan children, education, helping with job training and feeding and clothing those that have almost nothing.

Raquel: You have spent the past 8 years building homes in baja and know the needs of the community. What needs does the community have and why do you think StudentReach is the best organization to help?

baja6Karl: The community needs hope. Most people believe that everyone has forgotten them. We come in and remind them that humanity is still basically good and we can help each other. Some of the basic needs are, education; 90% of 14 years stop their education and go to work in the fields. We want to provide educational classes at night and the weekends for those that have to work during the day. We want to provide job training skills for those that want to do something other than work in the fields for $6 a day 12 hours a day. We want to train people in carpentry, baking, masonry, teaching, nursing/medical, dentistry and much more.

2016-07-23-02-23-18StudentReach is best suited for this because of their network of people that desire to help people get the skills to work in different fields. Like teaching for instance, we have teachers who have committed to come and teach these skills. People area willing to spend 1-6 month working and training people to have these skills. StudentReach is committed to finding more people that are willing to help those who need help.

Raquel: What would you tell a Student from America to get them to come and help in Baja?

Karl: No matter what you don’t have here in America, people in Baja have so much less. It is time for you to give back. Come with us and start giving back. 


NEXT UP: How your local school can change your community. (Check back on 1/20/2017)

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