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There is just something about Baja California. The indigenous Oaxacan people are gracious and desperate for help.  The desert landscape is foreboding and inviting at the same time. The ocean is dangerous and calming. uReach volunteers have built over 100 homes, schools, and other projects in the area, but an estimated 20,000 families need adequate housing.

U can help. U can be the most awesome version of yourself for one week. We can help U reach higher and farther than you thought you could.

Purpose: 1) Instill leadership skills in students, 2) develop team skills, and 3) gain cross cultural experience, 4) build a home for a family living in poverty.

Proposed Dates:

High School Dates:

March 17-23

March 24-30

April 1-6

COST: $495 Total

  • $395 ground costs (transportation, meals, drinking water, housing, leadership)
  • $100 project costs (sports equipment, transportation/food/housing for local students, building materials etc.)

Sign up for a trip by visiting:

Once there choose “individual” registration, and choose “yes” you are with a group, for group name choose the group you’re going with, example: “CCCS“, “Interact“, “WJU“, etc.

*Must have a passport to travel. 

If you have questions please reach out to [email protected].

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The San Quintin Valley, Baja California Norte, Mexico, approximately 200 miles south of the U.S. border on Mexico Highway 1. The drive from San Diego to the uReach Base will take 4 to 5 hours.

You can find our base by searching “uReach Baja” on Google Maps. (The full name is as follows: uReach – Baja, Vicente Guerrero, Baja California, Mexico, but using the shortened name works just the same.)


Our volunteer base is 2 3-story buildings with dorms, hotel-style rooms and apartments that can accommodate over 80 volunteers. 20 hot showers, flushable toilets (a luxury in rural Baja), bedding and filtered water on site are included. Off-campus housing and on-campus rustic cabins provide additional housing. A 5000 square foot tent is used for eating, meeting, and activities.


During our free time, activities will include going to the beach, hiking, and trips to the best taco stands on the planet! Surfing, boogie boarding, fishing, hiking, and other related activities are available. (There is an extra cost for some of these activities). Please feel free to bring the items needed to engage in these activities. Reach out for details.


American dollars are accepted everywhere, and small bills are most useful, nothing larger than a $20 will be accepted at most places – one’s and five’s are best. All change will be received in pesos. Please be conservative about the amount of money brought on the trip. Tacos cost $1.25, soft drinks are $1 and Mexican ponchos cost about $15 just as a point of reference. Some places are starting to take Credit cards and one ATM is available. The exchange rate is approximately 20 pesos to $1.


The climate is very Mediterranean with warm days and cool nights. Summer temperatures average 850/500, winter is 600/400. It’s frequently cool at the beach, and the Pacific Ocean water temp is about 65-75o.


  • If you would like to fly, you will need to land at the San Diego Airport no later than 11:30AM on the day of your trip. The departing flight at the end of the week needs to be scheduled for after 4pm. (Flights are not included in the trip price, and you are responsible for making your own flight arrangements following the times above).
  • If you are interested in only driving to San Diego, there is free parking at a local church.
  • If you drive or fly, we will be pick you up in 15 passenger vans and transport you to Mexico.


  1. Here are when payments are due: (we will email you a checklist to show when all the payments and paperwork are due)
  • 2 months before trip – 40% of the cost
  • 6 weeks before trip – 70% of the cost
  • 2 weeks before trip – 100% of the cost.
  • Checks can be made out to uReach and can be mailed to: uReach 5449 E Levee Rd, Sacramento CA, 95835, including your school name and the students name in the memo line.


There are several ways participants can cover trip costs.

  • They can pay out of pocket if they have the funds.
  • They can fundraise a few different ways:
    • Each person can set up an online fundraising page.
    • There is a tshirt fundraiser available
    • Possible beanie fundraiser as well upon request

They will be emailed the link once they register.

Money raised through the fundraiser goes directly to uReach, so you don’t have to be a middleman. The platform charges fees for running the fundraiser, which they automatically deduct from the money raised. You will get weekly updates of what funds come in and for whom.


A list can be emailed, and/or you can watch our video at www.uReach.Global/BajaPacking.


Student safety is our top priority. We have many procedures and precautions in place to make this the most unforgettable and safe trip. It’s our number one priority. From travel to the work site, we have it covered.

We travel in uReach vans to the Hope Center (uReach volunteer base). From picking you up at the airport to arriving, every time there is a stop, we do a head count before leaving again. This doesn’t stop throughout the week.

uReach leaders have 25+ years of experience combined, taking over 9,000 trip participants on humanitarian expeditions with a 100% safety record.

While travel carries inherent risks, and projects require tools and other safety concerns, uReach has never had anyone seriously injured on any trip due to basic common sense and awareness of surroundings.

Leaders are also available via mobile phone the majority of the time. In addition to local resources in case of emergency, every participant is required to have medical evacuation insurance.

Our trip is an alcohol-free trip. We take this very seriously, not just for minors but for adults on the trip as well.

For more info visit: