Camp Hope – Finish Phase One

Camp cabins: $3400 each. 9 more needed.
Total: $30,600

Using volunteer labor, cabins can be constructed for about $2,000 plus $1,400 for beds, mattresses and bedding for eight people. Camp hope will be life-changing for the students that attend. Each cabin will be named in the honor of someone the donor chooses.

Our spectacular amphitheater is fully funded and will be done by July.

Boys’ bathrooms:
Total: $30,000

The boy’s bathroom facility will include four showers, three toilets, three sinks and Storage for Camp Hope sports equipment.

Hus Hall retrofit.
Total: $32,000

Our 5200 square foot tent, was intended to be a temporary facility. But we now have plans to make it a permanent facility with permanent metal roofing, second story office space and other improvements.