A Sustainable Future at Hope Village | Building Kitchens & Bathrooms

In 2017 four homes were built by humanitarians from all over the USA and Hope Village was established in Rural Baja Mexico. The homes provide temporary housing for battered and extremely impoverished single mothers. StudentReach provides human services and mentoring to help these mothers become healthy, independent, and successful leaders in their homes & community.

We need to build 6 permanent bathrooms & kitchens for the women to use. Currently Hope Village is using the standard outhouse that is typical of the surrounding community and a small temporary kitchen set-up. However due to safety issues and the increasing maintenance cost of the outhouses, as well as the growing community, we are aiming to build a permanent structure to house both the kitchen and the bathrooms. This will allow us to have a more sustainable system for dealing with waste.

The cost to build all 6 kitchens and bathroom is $16,000 and will allow the community to grow as we plan to build 2 more homes and a community center.

A monthly donation OR a special donation will help us reach this goal by the end of the summer and a new bathroom will be ready to use by October.

The programs we are running at the village to increase self-sufficiency are proving to be extremely successful and the children have a healthy safe home for the first time ever. This project will allow us to focus on the mothers and their children and do more to help them find self-sufficiency.

Help us save money as a non-profit, help us increase safety at Hope Village, help us do more for Rural Baja.

If you have any questions about this project or Hope Village please feel free to reach out to Mark Michael.

Mark Michael

Hope Village | Baja Family Care Director

[email protected]