For the past 4 months Adam and I have been able to be a part of the lives of some pretty incredible refugee students. The students who we have had the pleasure of presenting our American Life Coaching program to, are recent arrivals from places such as Turkey and Afghanistan. They all have unique and sometimes tragic stories, but most importantly BIG dreams. Through a Life Coaching program developed by StudentReach, we are able to be a part of turning those dreams into GOALS. Some of our students are striving to get to college, others are learning English and are on their way into the workforce.

20150520_160359_HDRIn addition to going over critical areas of career and college development we try our hardest to create a healthy community for our students to thrive in. To do this we also offer extra-curricular activities. A few weeks ago we decided to take everyone bowling. A few had some experience with the sport while others showed off their “natural talent”. It was amazing to see our students laughing, making friends and enjoying time outside of their apartments. There were a few students who nearly took the lane out beside us. Next time we may get them the bumpers!

StudentReach is an organization that helps students accomplish their goals regardless of the circumstances they may be coming out of or facing. As with all refugees, the students we work with often have stories that would be debilitating to most. Through our life coaching program we are fostering a mindset in our students, of accomplishment and citizenship in their new homeland.




Adam and Raquel Shipp have been working with students for the past 9 years, their work with refugees began 3 years ago. They work with StudentReach and are involved with student mentoring, school assemblies and volunteering abroad.