20150301_110110It might be hard to imagine, but these sharp looking boys live 40 minutes from the nearest paved road or even running water. They are Maasi boys from one of the last great tribal peoples in Africa and some of the young men even still hunt lions when necessary.

So how is it that they look so sharp even when most of them have never had a shower in their entire lives? Self respect. Pride.Dignity.

Plus, they have educators employed by an NGO that is teaching them to dream of a future of success.

They aren’t loosing their tribal identity. Like all Maasi, they have had their middle bottom teeth removed — a long-held ritual  for the Maasi. They will still be circumcised at the age of 15 as a part of their tribal identity (a tough but essential tradition of becoming a man). But they are also being taught to value education and respect women and prepare for a changing world.

Part of that preparation is dressing for success. No excuses.

Kinda makes you think . . .