Our Say Something School assembly is designed to bring awareness to student-based solutions with critical issues like Human Trafficking, suicide, drug abuse and other at-risk behaviours.


Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is an growing threat to the freedom and welfare of students. Human trafficking takes many forms including uncompensated labor, forced child labor, involuntary domestic servitude, and sex trafficking.

Sex trafficking of underage girls is especially insidious because it targets girls in the US who are particularly vulnerable to the techniques used by traffickers in our communities. The FBI and US State Department estimate that 250,000-500,000 girls are used in prostitution rings. The majority of these girls are not foreigners, but US residents who are coerced through manipulation and threats. We cannot pretend that this is not happening in our schools. As Say Something presenters converse with students and educators, we have found that this is an issue affecting a majority of schools.


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Awareness of human trafficking provides students with three critical solution-based tools:

– Say Something School Assembly

Victims are able to come forward before they are dragged deeper into the underworld of human trafficking. Friends of victims can recognize the signs and expose the victimization taking place while intervention can still happen. Students become the force for emancipation throughout their communities as they receive practical and safe tools to recognize and report suspicious behavior. Student intervention is the untapped resource in solving these critical issues.

– National and Local Partnerships

Through partnerships with nationally recognized NGOs on the front lines of the battle for students, Say Something isn’t just talking about issues but is actively involved in rescuing students from human trafficking, aftercare and prevention. Say Something has partnered Homeland Security, local law enforcement, state attorneys general, KlaasKids and many local organizations who combat victimization.


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